Monday, July 9, 2012

What Yoga Taught Me About Writing (and Vice Versa)

Tip of the Day: Find a place to get your exercise out of the heat. It's brutal out there!

What Writing and Yoga Have in Common

Once you're on your mat or at your keyboard, you're there. You don't need to think about doing anything else.

Don't compare yourself to others. They're not on your mat, in your body, or in your story.

Every day is a new day. Maybe yesterday you got a rejection letter or fell over when you tried to balance. That has nothing to do with your practice today.

You can both relax into yoga practice and get a workout. You can find a way to have fun and work hard at writing at the same time.

Try something new. Believe in beginners luck.

Don't forget to shower.

-- Kate, Miss Perfecting the Pages


  1. I love "Every day is a new day". Sometimes I need to remind myself of that and not drag over yesterday's writing struggles into the next day!

  2. Nice. I like the one about not comparing yourself to others. I ought to post that above my keyboard: "They're not on your mat."

  3. I'll have a new yoga instructor today. I'll have to see if she's bubbling over with philosophy like my regular instructor. But I do find that yoga and writing complement each other, especially in working out the kinks in my shoulders from hunching over my laptop!

  4. I love that idea how everyday is fresh and new. I find writing is a lot like this for me.

  5. I'm currently doing a 30-day yoga challenge. It's so funny that I see this same connection and even wrote about it on my blog. The concentration and inward focus gives me clarity.

  6. Awesome analogy! You are so right...when you are on the mat you are only focused on you, just like you should be when you are writing.


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