Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

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There's the saying that publishing is slower than Christmas. Often the phrase "hurry up and wait", though cliche, fits in rather nicely in the publishing descriptor.

Sometimes the wait feels like it's never going to end and when it finally does, the crazy thing is there's always something else to wait for.


Waiting for the idea to fully form.

Waiting on the agent to respond to your query.

Waiting on the agent to respond to your full.

Yay! You got an offer from an agent! But now you have a new set of worries:

Waiting on the editor to respond to your submission.

Waiting (and biting your nails) when your manuscript goes through acquisitions.

Waiting for the book offer.

Yay! You got a book offer! But now you are waiting for a new set of things:

Waiting to announce your book deal.

Waiting for edits from your editor.

Waiting for your book cover.

Waiting for your arcs.

Waiting to launch your book.

Wow. I don't know about you, but by this point, I'm just tired of the word waiting. So what does an author do to keep their sanity?

Ideas of things to do while you are waiting:

1. Write another book! And make this one even better than the last.
2. Read!
3. Go to writing conferences.
4. Take a writing class and get inspired.
5. Travel to some place new and explore new sensory details.
6. If you are literally on the edge of your seat waiting for a phone call, go to the movies.
7. This is precious time, use it to do something amazing.
8. Tackle a new hobby.
9. Eat chocolate. *grin*

What about you? Are you sick of waiting too? What suggestions do you have for those who are so busy waiting.

~ Christina


  1. *raises hand* Yep. Me. I'm sick of waiting. But when it gets bad, I just try to distract myself with other things - like a new project or a book I've been wanting to read forever or even a lame movie. Staying off the writer's chat boards for a few days can help, too.

  2. Great post, Christie, especially the list of things to do to keep sane while you're waiting. :-)

  3. Yes, I can now say I've written a whole book while I have been waiting. Crazy.

  4. Thank you, Christina, for this timely (for me and tons of fellow writer friends) post! I've written almost two books as I've moved through your post's levels of waiting, and the only thing that makes it better is a) if I'm waiting then the answer is still not "no," and b) all manner of distraction. Writing is my #1 antidote, and reading great books is a close #2. Here's to patience and perseverance:-D

  5. Yes. The process of writing a book until people can buy it in a book store is full with waiting, even for books that are hot. Yesterday I read the story of Gennifer Albin and her book will be in book stores in October. Last May, after sending queries, seven agents compete to take her and then her book was sold in auction. So even for a potentially best seller it takes 17 months for Gennifer Albin to see her book in book stores, after book publishers went gaga over her book. It is very slow. As you say, Christina, you have to keep busy doing something else and not just waiting.

  6. I love all of these, especially #7. While we should write at this time, we should take a breather and LIVE, too.

  7. Mima- Yay! I'm not alone in this waiting business.

    Giora- That is an interesting story. Wow.

    Marcia- You are so right. LIVING is so important because it keeps us fresh and full of new ideas.


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