Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hanging Out with Debbie Ohi on Google +

Yesterday Debbie Ridpath Ohi and I "met" on Google + hangout. We've known each other for many years via online so it was so wild to see her live and hear her voice. After we squealed in shock, it was natural just to dive right in and start chatting. I realized that sometimes email just doesn't cut it like actual talking does.

I've never done anything like chat via video before so it was my first time trying out my web cam. And now I'm addicted!

It's very simple to set up, especially if you already have a Google account. Go into your account and click on the hangout icon on the left. Create a hangout and then choose who you want to hangout with. And there! You're ready to chat. It's that easy.

Debbie and I said we needed to get all the MiGs on there once in a while and have group chats. If you have an online crit group or are planning an event with multiple authors, it's really the way to go.

We chatted about writing, marketing and ideas we have for new projects. I really value her advice and I was taking notes. We even talked about my little secret (okay, so it's kind of a BIG secret) that I hope to be able to tell you all about soon.

Here's the very cool picture that Debbie created after our talk. Isn't she so talented?



  1. We should definitely try a whole group chat some night. That would be (to quote The Incredibles movie) totally wicked!

  2. Wow - that would be fun, Car! I've never done anything like that (never even used Skype).

  3. Heh, that was such a fun chat. And YES, we definitely have to try for a full MiG group chat sometime!


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