Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winner and a great idea

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the delay in getting back but I’m happy to announce the winner of the Linda Joy Singleton “pay it forward” contest is

Laura Barnes! *clap clap clap*

Thank you very much, everyone, for commenting. (And to Linda Joy for stopping by!) Laura, I’ll be in touch shortly to get your address.

And now for the great idea from my daughter. Last night I was complaining because I was having one of those “My book sucks” days. She asked me if I’d seen that commercial where the dieting man hires the mean girls from his daughter’s junior high to follow him around and make comments when he eats something unhealthy. They say something like, “Dude. Eww. That is so gross.”

“Wouldn’t be cool if you could hire someone to follow you around and say nice things all the time, Mom?” my daughter asked.

She's right. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

My daughter and I decided the group should say, “Girl. OMG. That chapter is sooo good!”

Just think about how much more - and better - work we could get done if we had constant encouragement. Maybe next time I hear that “I suck” voice in my head, I’ll stop and do my best 14-year-old nice girl impression.

Who’s with me? :-)


  1. Girl. OMG. That blog entry is sooo cool :)

    We all need encouragement.

  2. Your daughter has a fantastic idea. We all need it!


  3. That is such a great idea! Your daughter must be your muse.


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