Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrating success

More often than not, I lean toward stubborn. So when my taekwondo instructor recently stopped a particularly tough class and told us we could get a drink, I hung back. “I don’t need a drink. I’m good. I’m tough.”

But as I watched everyone step up to the fountain, I noticed something that should have been obvious. People were walking away refreshed and smiling. My stoicism waning, I got in line too. And enjoyed a nice, long cool drink.

Here’s what I learned - you should always take a drink when one is offered!

And I think that goes with writing too. Writing is such a hard, lonely vocation. We need to stop and take those drinks of encouragement whenever they’re offered. We need to CELEBRATE every small bit of success. These are the things that will refresh us, nourish us and keep us going during a particularly tough patch.

I’ve definitely been struggling lately, wrestling with confidence and patience issues. But there’s been a few sips of water, too:

The online plot class I’m taking is giving me some really useful tools.

I have three terrific I’d-love-to-work-with-any-of-them agents reading the full of my manuscript.

While progress is slow, I’m very pleased with the work I’ve done on my new story.

I’ve recently discovered an amazing online program that helps me focus.

What “cool drinks” have you allowed yourself to enjoy lately?


  1. You just made me realize I've been running on thirsty lately. I decided to tackle a new wip with Nanowrimo this year and I've been chasing word count and deadline. *sigh*
    I'm off to go find/get a few sips of water.

  2. I took a day off from work today, to catch up on personal things and buy some new clothes. THAT was refreshing! I should do that more often.

  3. Great post! I agree that you have to celebrate your writing successes. I just posted about it. Check it out:



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