Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A quick tip

My 14-year-old has this new thing where she combines the word procrastinate and whatever action she’s doing. For example. 
Me: Are you doing your homework?
Her: No. I’m procrasti-painting.
Me: What about now?
Her: No. Now, I’m procrasti-watching tv.
You get the idea. 
Well, this morning I wasn’t feeling my next chapter so I was “procrastidesigning.” Now, I’m a huge believer in visualization. Always have been. I decided what my muse needed was a little visual aid, so I spent some time designing a book cover for my WIP. 
It was easy. I just went to and searched for a key element in my story. I found something that worked great and I played around with fonts and size until I was happy. 
Here’s the result.

You might notice that I didn’t include my name on the cover. That’s because I haven’t decided yet if I’ll use a pen name on this story or not. It’s a bit controversial. (Which is, ahem, more than a little ironic since my story is about standing up even when it may not be popular. Feel free to mock me openly if the story ever gets published.) 
Here’s another little visual aid. This dude is important to my story, too. Since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I drew on the LOVE myself. It’s not pretty, but it’ll work. 

So, hey, next time you need a little inspiration (or want to procrastinate), why not give this idea a shot?


  1. I always picture what my cover could look like. Always. Deep in my heart, I'm a wannabe graphic artist. And look--I'm procrasticommenting!

  2. Procrasticommenting?

    Ha! Now I'm procrastisnickering.

  3. Love the cover. And LOVE the earth dude. :D

    Procrastiblogging. :D

  4. Never done this, but it looks fun!

  5. Very cute. I don't dare get near artwork. Disaster strikes!


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