Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Writing and Food

Just the other day, us MiGs were chatting (via email), and we got talking about food and writing. Okay. I admit it. I eat a LOT when I write. The usual healthy stuff like Twizzlers, peppermint patties, dark chocolate.

And drinks. Coffee, Coke Zero, ice water.

The thing I found is that depending on what I eat, it sets me in a particular mood. Like if I want my characters to be annoying and obnoxious, I just don’t eat chocolate. Maybe nothing at all. Because obviously I’m happy when eating chocolate.

If I eat coffee, I tend to be more methodical.

Twizzlers? Light and carefree.

Peppermint patties? Overdramatic evidently. (That one is for you Andrea!)

Am I crazy? Probably. But what I’m dying to know is if you are as crazy as me and use food for inspiration too. What types of foods do you eat while you write and do they put you in a particular mood?



  1. Hmm. This sounds like fun! I am terrible, because I usually don't eat while I'm writing at all. I'm more likely to skip eating if I'm too absorbed in my writing. (Though I do have a secret stash of Crunchie bars to cheer me up when the words aren't flowing.)

  2. I suck on Tootie Pops but it's not to inspire me - it's to keep me from chewing on my pen or nails or whatever else is nearby when I'm working. I tend to think better when my mouth is busy.

    I've used Lemon Drops to get in the mood to write a summer scene, though.

  3. Diet Pepsi with lime goes down smooth with revisions. And I've been known to polish off a small box of red vines. I find I'm a hungry writer and often write eating scenes into my story (which I eventually have to cut cuz it's boring). My protags often slurp soup. Comfy food right?

  4. Oh these are good! I love hearing your stories.


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