Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Out of the Zero-Word Zone

January is often a month when you vow to change your life or reach toward a new goal. How’s that going for you? I’m finding it hard to buckle down and get writing. I’ve just finished revisions on one book, and, while I’m collecting critiques on that one, I’m toying with moving on to another. But I haven’t. I even have a good plan in mind. So what’s stopping me?

I’m getting pretty good at thinking up excuses. First it was the report cards I had to write for my day job. Then there was the new blog feature I started (ABC’s of Writing for Middle Graders over at That's Another Story). And a family weekend we took. Catching up after the family weekend. Critiques I owe. And then…well, you know how it is. Excuses are easy to dream up. What’s not easy, it seems is getting back to a regular writing routine.

What’s your best excuse for not writing? 'Cause I’m getting tapped out. I guess tomorrow I’ll actually have to do it. Just pick a place and start. Even a few words is better than zero.

-- Andrea


  1. One of my favorite (?) excuses is noise. The kids/husband/dogs are around so I can't think straight or write. The weather is another good one: the gray skies are depressing me. Or this one: I just need some reassurance from one of the agents who has the full of my last book first.

    The excuses are endless. I'm good at them! LOL

    A few words is better than zero is a good thought to keep in mind. Good luck to both of us!

  2. It's hard to switch gears between novels. Maybe you can allow yourself to spend some writing time on story brainstorming, character interviews ... you know, fun but necessary stuff.

  3. For me it's this class I have to take. So annoying and I don't want to take it. It's one of six too! I definitley don't have time for it!


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