Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Puppies and MC's

My husband and I are talking about getting another dog. We’ve always had two dogs but when we had to put down our beloved Daisy last March, we decided we’d be a one pet family for a few years. And - as the person who is home all day - I’ve enjoyed having less barking to deal with, less animal hair on the floor and less whining to go out.  As a nice bonus, our current dog seems happier and calmer as a single. 
We weren’t even *thinking* about another puppy. I’d been in plenty of pet stores, looked at all those cute, little creatures and walked right out without any regrets. But then a friend of a friend’s dog had a litter. There is one puppy left. He’s a black and white Border Collie and Lab mix. (We love Labs.) He’s free and ready to go and my friend has offered to bring him home when she travels in the next two weeks.  It seems that, once again, a puppy “found us” instead of the other way around.
I haven’t even officially agreed to take him, but I’ve given him a name. Right now, I’m having mixed emotions. I’m excited by the idea but also wondering what the heck I’m thinking. Puppies are cute and all, but they also pee and poop everywhere and chew things and whine and need food, a crate, and lots and lots of attention. On the other hand, a puppy would be such a thrill for my daughter - a kid who has had to deal with a lot lately. 
Change is challenging. Even when it’s good. I’m not really the adventurous type. I see change coming and dig my heels in. Maybe this is why the new book I’m working on has a main character reacting the same way to the changes going on in her life. I can relate!
I haven’t worked out my full outline yet but I know my MC will eventually learn change is inevitable. One of the themes is that life keeps marching on no matter how much you will it not to. 
Do you suppose this means I’m getting a puppy? :-) 


  1. Yes, I think it means you're getting a puppy! :)

  2. Wow, Carmella, a puppy! I can imagine that will prompt some interesting stories.

  3. I wish I could take your puppy! I keep hoping the universe will guide me to one. And on a semi-related tangent, I wish more YA and Middle Grade stories had dogs in them.


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