Friday, August 20, 2010

Doing Revisions While On Vacation?

Even though I told myself I was taking a break from writing, my latest story won't leave my head. It's demanding me to work on revisions. How can I do that while I'm sightseeing and still have fun? Some tips on how to balance writing and vacationing:

1. Keep a small notebook handy for jotting down ideas about the story.
2. Bring along a printed copy of the story to make changes on during downtime (e.g. on the way from one outlet mall to another; while the kids are swimming at the hotel pool).
3. Take advantage of early mornings when others are sleeping to get out the laptop.
4. Turn off words that won't stop by digging into a stack of good reads.
5. Always stop for ice cream.

Aack! Okay, now I'm blogging while on vacation. This has got to stop. But I do have to admit, working on my writing without all the pressures of work and the daily routine is a lot of fun.

-- Andrea


  1. Love #5! I admit, I tend to find plenty of inspiration while on vacation, too. I think the new scenery and the "no pressure" thing help.

  2. Every vacation is different. One year, I got to rent a cabin for a week with just my hubby and kids and I wrote every morning. I got tons of stuff done! But our usual vacation with my parents and brothers? It would be a miracle if I could find a pen.

  3. Oh, that last comment was me, Kate. I forgot I have a secret identity.

  4. Was on vacation earlier this summer. Had to scrounge for pieces of paper. Now I keep a notebook in my purse with three pens.


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