Thursday, March 15, 2012

Debbie and Andrea finally meet in person!

Meeting middle grade author, Andrea Mack

I've been with the MiG Writers for a while now but so far, have only met one of my MiG pals in person: Carmella Van Vleet.

Yesterday, Andrea Mack and I finally met! E-mail and social media is great, but there's something about meeting people face-to-face that is so much more satisfying. Andrea just wrote about our get-together in her blog as well.

Andrea Mack browses my I'M BORED proofs

Screen Shot 2012 03 15 at 11 04 46 AM


Lots of talk about kid lit and writing and our amazing writing group. Andrea browsed my I'M BORED proofs. We had lots of dessert. :-)

Someday, it would wonderful if ALL the MiG writers could get together in person. Some of us are already planning to attend the SCBWI conference in NYC next January, which will be fun.

Anyway, do check out Andrea's blog for writers and readers, That's Another Story. You can see some of her published books to the left; click the image to be taken to her website.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again - super envious at the moment! And you got a sneak peek at I'm Bored?!! Ah, man! (Must. Not. Turn. Green. With. Jealousy.)

  2. Car, it was awesome! Debbie's illustrations have so much expression!

  3. You both look so beautiful! You know, I'm not THAT far away.

    1. Thanks, Kate. I was thinking that too - there must be some way we can finangle a meeting.

  4. Read it :D Cool as that you guys got to meet, social media just isn't the same as real life.

  5. These pictures came out great! I'm so jealous! I had a fabulous time chatting with Andrea last summer on a spur of the moment when she came down to Florida. You do both look lovely.

    SCBWI winter conference here we come!

  6. It's so much fun to meet virtual friends for real! Glad you guys connected.



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