Monday, October 29, 2012

Seeing books from people you know

I ran out to Barnes and Noble this morning to pick up a book my daughter needs for school. (Actually, she needed it last week but forgot to remind me until 10:00 last night. But that’s another post. Teenagers. Ugh.) Of course, I took a little side trip up the stairs to the children’s department. I’m only human after all. And passing the picture book section, what did my eyes spy?

A copy of Debbie’s I’M BORED being predominately displayed! 

It’s always exciting - isn’t it? - to find the book of someone you know. Even if you’ve never met them in person and only “know” each other from online or a writer’s chat board, don’t you flip out a bit? I don’t know about you but I want to grab the nearest person and brag. “I know this person! This is their book!” 

When my kids are with me, they like to tease me. They’ll point at a popular title and ask, “So. Do you know that writer, Mom?” Most of the time I don’t, but sometimes I do. They don’t say anything but I’m sure, deep down, they’re super impressed. A mom can just tell these things (she says sarcastically).

How about you? What kind of reaction to do you have when you see a book that someone you know has written or illustrated? 


  1. I don't "know" that many authors yet, but when I see books from authors of blogs I follow it is certainly fun to spy them in the store. I also saw "I'm Bored" at Barnes and Noble last week!

  2. Ha! Thanks for posting about this, Carmella. :-D

  3. I'm always way excited whenever I walk through the kidlit/YA section and see books by people I know...either know in person or have interacted with online. If Jeff is with me, I can't help but pull his sleeve and point, saying "Hey, I know him/her!". :-)


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