Thursday, July 5, 2012

Comic: What Not To Say To A Children's Book Writer On A First Date

OHI0139 KidsBookWeekend

I'm posting some of my older comics here as I catalog and tag them in prep for a print book compilation. You can find my comics for writers on Inkygirl (, Tumblr ( and Pinterest (


  1. Giggle! Of course, there are also the ones who ask you when you're going to write an adult(transl.: real) book and the ones who merely have an IDEA for a book and want you to write it for them.

  2. Oh do I agree or what!!! I would love if you could make time to read this - - a blog post from not so long ago after I'd just finished reading The Wimpy Kid (Cabin Fever). Just because the context is indirectly similar and because your comic (in seeming like a shared thought then) added a smile to my dawn break! =)



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