Friday, March 9, 2012

Learning About Writing Middle Grade

If you write middle grade books and you haven't seen the recent posts by literary agent Michael Bourret and children's book editor Molly O'Neill you should check them out. Here's a taste:

From Part 1: Everything you ever wanted to know about middle grade…and were willing to ask:

Molly O'Neill: "I think about middle grade being the time when a lot of readers discover “that book”—the one that turns them into a lifelong reader, or explodes their world open with new ideas, or shares exactly the right truth at exactly the right moment in a way they’ll never forget."

From Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Middle Grade, Part 2: Technology and Gender and Marketing, Oh My!

Michael Bourret: "One of the great things about middle grade is that it seems much less susceptible to big trends--you don't have the same sort of vampire, werewolf, dystopian waves that you see on the YA side."

This is such an amazing opportunity to learn more about writing middle grade - I'm off to re-read these posts again.


  1. I checked these posts earlier; they were really interesting! Thanks for passing them along.

  2. This is great information. Someday I'll try my hand at middle grade!


  3. Great posts with lots of gems. Thanks!


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