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Winter Reading

by KATE FALL on JANUARY 16, 2010

My favorite place to read a book is in front of the Christmas tree. The holidays were quiet at my house this year, giving me a chance to read some very fun YA novels:

THE ESPRESSOLOGIST by Kristina Springer
Humor in the line of the popular AUDREY WAIT, THE ESPRESSOLOGIST centers around a coffee house barista. When Jane starts matchmaking friends and customers based on their coffee drink choices, her ambitious manager pushes the scheme out of Jane’s control. Very funny, clean romance.

A high school sophomore on trip to England travels back in time to the early 1800s, and local titled family mistakes her for a long-lost American friend. Austen-type misunderstandings are complicated further by Callie’s modern attitude. A super fun read for Austen fans.

IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin
A high school senior is fated to perform the impossible tasks from the song “Scarborough Fair” to save her family. I loved how every character in this book was well thought out and clearly doing his or her best. Add a touchingly written romance and this book was impossible to put down.

Did you get a chance to read over the holidays? Can you pass on any recommendations?

– Kate

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Carmella 01.16.10 at 1:50 pm

I recently finished the MG novel “The Dog Days of Charlotte Hayes” by Marlane Kennedy. It’s about a young girl who proclaims, right off the bat, that she’s “not a dog person.” Kind-hearted and observant, Charlotte realizes her family isn’t the best home for the St. Bernard her dad impulsively bought. The book follows her quest to find the gentle giant a much better situation. Though I thought I knew for sure how this book was going to end, I was surprised (but in a good way!) A tender tale about a girl standing up for what’s right.

Christina 01.17.10 at 9:47 pm

I actually read a lot over the holidays thanks to plane and car trips. I too loved Prada and Prej. But then I’m a devout Jane Austen fan!

I read: Fire, Blonde Zombies, Carpe Diem (LOVED IT!), Oh. My. Gods, Dusie, and I’m just finishing Silver Phonenix (LOVED IT TOO!), and Humming Numbers (just started).

I love reading books under the tree too. Sigh. Actually, I just love reading! I’m going to check out these other books you mentioned.

Andrea 01.29.10 at 5:08 am

Thanks for the recommendations – I’ll have to look for these for my book challenge!

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