Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My L Categories


I’ve just finished off a nice stack of books I picked up from the library. Usually after I’ve read my stack, I’ll examine the differences among the books in wording, characters, voice or plot structures.

But this time, after reading these eleven books, I noticed they fell into categories in my mind. I’m going to call them My L Categories.

Labor-some- These books take too long to get to the crux of the problem, are cliché, or they start off strong but then the plot loses focus. I’m not going to tell you which of the eleven fit into this category because, well, that wouldn’t be so nice.

Laughter- I love these stories! They are pure fun and such great reads for the beach or when you need to escape the realities of life. I’m sucked into the story, they’re action packed, and the characters have such personalities they make me laugh out loud. In my stack: 39 Clues

Linger- Even after I’ve closed the cover and slipped the book back on the shelf, the story haunts me. I find myself imagining what that character might be doing after the story has ended or what it would be like living in that novel’s world. I smile when I see something that reminds me of the story or chat with my friends about the book. In my stack: Hunger Games

Lasting- This novel entertains, yet goes beyond that by changing the way I feel, think or believe. I’m taken to a new level of how I see the world. I feel the character’s pain and I’m inspired to make a difference. In my stack: Year of Impossible Goodbyes

Every book has a different meaning to each person. How about you? Have you read any L Category books lately?

P.S. L stands for Literacy (tee hee- I could really have fun with this)

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Kate Fall 05.20.09 at 12:37 pm

I love book recommendations! Add Kiki Strike by Kirsten Miller to your Laughter list. Kiki’s group of renegade ex-Girl Scouts is super fun, girl power escapism. I’m having a blast reading this one.

Christina Farley 05.20.09 at 10:10 pm

Oh! I must check it out! Sounds like fun.

Debbie Ohi 05.21.09 at 1:09 pm

I loved the Hunger Games, too. A recent read that stayed with me like that: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. Tinged with horror, wonderful voice, engrossing plot.

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